Don't get taken on Craigslist



There is really no way to guarantee that you won't get taken by a scammer that lists tickets

for sale on Craigslist, but there are a few things you can do to cut down the risk.  Here are

some recommendations.


1.    Do a Google Search of the phone number listed in the ad to see if there are

 any negative comments on the internet.


2.  Do a Craigslist Search of the phone number for prior ads or issues.


3.  Ask the person why they are selling.


4.  Ask if the tickets are hard or ticketfast (tickets printed at home on a printer).  Just

     because they are hard tickets doesn't mean you are in the clear.  They could have

     been stolen or purchased with a stolen credit card.  Just because the tickets may

     be ticketfast doesn't mean the chances are higher that they are bad.  Several

     professional sports teams don't even do hard season tickets any longer.  And with

     most concerts purchased through Ticketmaster, the Buyer has the option of printing

     the tickets at home the majority of the time.


5.  Meet in a public place and by the Sellers vehicle.  Take a picture of the license plate

     on the vehicle.  If the seller doesn't have a vehicle, that could be a red flag.  


6.  Ask to take a picture of the Seller.  This can be used for a Police Report if the tickets

     are bad and you can also post on Facebook or other Social Media to help determine

     the person's real identity.  If they object, that should be a flag.  I prefer you take a

     picture of me and store my name and number on your cell phone as I sell a lot of tickets

     to many events.


7.  Most important of all, if you don't feel comfortable buying from the person, DON"T!!!  

     Better to be safe than sorry.


Hopefully you have found these tips useful and they will help you from getting scammed.